The Pagani Utopia is here and it has a wild V12 with a manual gearbox

Published on Sep 13, 2022 at 6:56 AM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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The Pagani Utopia is here and it has a wild V12 with a manual gearbox

Pagani has lifted the lid off its first all-new model in over a decade – the Utopia.

Originally codenamed C10, rumors and spy shots have circled for months now, but now it’s officially confirmed.

The brand’s latest supercar has a V12 engine and a manual gearbox. Now that’s epic.

Front of the Utopia
Front of the Pagani Utopia
Side view of the Utopia
Rear of the Utopia
Rear of the Utopia
Wing mirrors of the Utopia
Jet-inspired taillights of the Utopia
Quad exhausts on the Pagani Utopia
V12 engine of the Pagani Utopia
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Revealed at a special event in the style capital of Milan, Italy, the Utopia is a clear evolution of the design language we’ve come to expect from Pagani.

The company claims it took six years to get the design right, with thousands of sketches, ten 1:5 scale models, and two 1:1 scale models informing the final product.

Pagani hallmarks like its four central exhaust tips, butterfly doors, and wing mirrors shaped like “the eye of a beautiful woman” (in company founder Horacio Pagani’s own words) all feature.

However, the color palette used on the Utopia draws influence from the 1950s and 1960s in a nod to the past.

The fairings over its headlights are another reference to that era, as are other features of its aluminum body such as the prominent wheel arches.

But at the rear, the suspended taillights take their influence from jet turbines.

The elliptical center section of the rear bumper incorporates active aero flaps as well.


That goes to show that this design isn’t just for the sake of looks – it’s all functional, too.

Pagani Utopia Interior

Inside, it’s also clearly drawing upon simpler times as all of the instrumentation is analog aside from one small screen for the driver.

And of course, there’s beautiful burgundy leatherwork as well.

One of the last V12s

But it’s the magnificent mid-mounted engine at the heart of the Utopia that’s the real drawcard of this car.

As more supercars head towards electrification, Pagani is sticking with its 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 built on a bespoke basis by Mercedes-AMG.

Here, it produces a whopping 864hp (635kW) and 1100Nm.

That’s a massive amount of power for a car weighing just 1280kg (2822lbs) thanks to its ‘Carbo-Titanium’ chassis.

Better still, the Utopia car is offered with the choice of a true three-pedal manual gearbox, or an automated gearbox as well.

In both cases, it’s a special seven-speed unit made by Xtrac just for this car.

Offering a manual was especially important for Pagani as it’s what customers demanded.

“Horacio Pagani […] asked his closest clients, those who eagerly await each of his creations, to express their wishes,” the company said.

“Three terms stood out almost each time they replied: simplicity, lightness, and the pleasure of driving.

“In its development, the C10 project therefore went against the main trends of the time.”

Pagani Utopia price

How much does the Pagani Utopia cost?

Pagani says the Utopia will be priced from a cool €2,170,000. That’s just under $2.2 million at today’s exchange rate.

However, don’t think you’ll be able to just go out and buy one.

Only 99 will be made, and all are already sold.

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