Fyre Festival 2 has just gone on sale with ticket prices and dates announced

Published on Aug 22, 2023 at 9:47 AM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

Last updated on Aug 22, 2023 at 4:36 PM (UTC+4)
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Fyre Festival 2 has just gone on sale with ticket prices and dates announced

Tickets to Fyre Festival 2 are now on sale. 

Despite the first Fyre Festival being such a huge disaster that it made headlines across the world, and sent its creator Billy McFarland to jail, he’s giving it another go. 

Fyre Festival 2 is apparently going to be in the Caribbean in late 2024 but has no specific venue or lineup of artists yet.

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McFarland has taken to TikTok to officially announce the event, saying “it has been the absolute wildest journey to get here, and it really all started during the seven-month stint in solitary confinement”. 

“I wrote out this 50-page plan of how it would take this overall interest and demand in Fyre, to… make the impossible happen. 

“How I would find the best partners in the world to allow me to be me while executing Fyre’s vision to the highest level.” 

The disgraced event coordinator even said he was planning nondescript “pop-ups and events across the world” in the lead-up to the festival. 

“Guys, this is your chance to get in. This is everything I’ve been working towards. Let’s f***ing go,” he said. 


The first 100 tickets are now up for sale, priced at $499. 

Other tickets will be priced from $799 – $7,999 and are ‘coming soon’. 

If you’re actually interested in buying them, you can do that here

The first, infamous iteration of Fyre Festival, which was co-founded by McFarland and artist Ja Rule, was advertised as a luxury music festival in the Bahamas in 2017. 

It advertised a string of pretty big artists including Blink-182, Major Lazer and Lil Yachty. 

Billy McFarland even paid huge-name social media influencers to promote the event, including Kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski. 

But when it came time for the event, it was a massive disaster, with acts pulling out, insufficient tents, and a lack of food. 

It was chaos, to say the least. 

McFarland spent four years in federal prison on fraud charges and the festival was the subject of a couple of scathing documentaries on Netflix and Hulu. 

So, this should be interesting. 


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