This futuristic Space concept car is a minivan from the year 2050

Published on Jul 05, 2022 at 1:50 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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This futuristic Space concept car is a minivan from the year 2050

GAC Motor has launched a brand new, futuristic Space concept

The concept wears a super sleek exterior, which looks like a minivan from the year 2050. 

And inside, this Space concept car is basically a high-end lounge room. 

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The Space concept was revealed at GAC’s Tech Day in Guangzhou, China this week. 

Inspired by Chinese culture and heritage, this car features some incredible technology. 

Upon opening the massive gullwing door, the cabin is fitted with the highest technology

There is an “intelligent voice assistant” that responds to your commands in 0.6 seconds. 

The cabin is also equipped with 39 advanced sensors which assist with driving and parking. 

Its dashboard has three screens all in one big panel.

It even has a facial recognition system as well.


The steering wheel and display are all retractable, meaning they can fold up and give the driver more room to sit back and relax. 

The two seats can rotate and turn into an L-shaped couch for ultimate comfort. 

If the car’s driving itself, you may as well be comfortably horizontal in the back. 

To add to the mood, passengers can choose the atmosphere inside the cabin. 

If you choose Bonfire Circle mode, your seats will rotate, lights turn on and a table will rise from the centre of the cabin. 

Floor lights will also start to glow to make passengers feel as if they are sitting around a bonfire. 

When you choose Tea Time Lounge mode, extra seating will appear from the back of the cabin. 

The tailgate will extend forward, turning into a comfortable lounge seating area facing out towards the back of the car. 

As for the exterior, it’s sleek and aerodynamic. 

When you walk up to it, illuminated grille bars turn on, with GAC saying it gives the appearance of a waterfall. 

The light show continues on the wheels, with graphics of rolling hills being projected on the hubs when the vehicle drives. 

This theme is continued inside too. 

When the gullwing door opens, rolling hills and rivers are displayed on the inside of the cabin. 

This is inspired by famous landmarks in Guangzhou – Baijun Mountain and the Pearl River. 

Unfortunately, the concept is not expected to enter production.

However, some of its design features are expected to be used in future production models.

GAC Space exterior car design
GAC Design

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