This giant airship is designed to ‘fly forever’ and never land

Thanks to its solar panels, the airship can theoretically keep flying till the end of time.

Published on Sep 20, 2023 at 3:23PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Sep 22, 2023 at 1:17PM (UTC+4)

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This futuristic airship runs on hydrogen and the company that builds it says it’s designed to ‘fly forever’.

It’s called the Solar Airship One and the goal is to turn it into a real-world version of the airship used in the Around The World in 80 Days novel.

Except this trip could potentially last a lifetime.

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Euro Airship, the firm behind the project, says the aircraft is at least 80 percent more efficient than anything else in the sky.

The plan is to launch an inaugural journey around the world to cover 21,598 nautical miles, or 40,000 km.

For the record, that’s the same as traveling from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles… four times.

The journey would take 20-30 days and, in theory at least, Euro Airship wants to make this a bookable experience for customers.

Sort of like a cruise, except you’re traveling at an average altitude of 19,000+ feet.

Euro Airship says the aircraft is only capable of flying up to 540 miles using its hydrogen power.

However, it is also fitted with solar panels and if the idea is to use these panels to recharge the hydrogen powertrain on the go to provide perpetual motion.

Euro Airship hasn’t provided any images for the interior, but they say it will look like a luxury cruise ship.

They say the experience will be semi-private.

As in, it’s not exactly like a private jet, but it’s still designed to prioritize quality over quantity in order to accommodate fewer passengers when compared to the average transoceanic flight, but with more comfort.

The company says it will begin construction of the Solar Airship One in 2024.

If everything goes to plan, the inaugural voyage will take place in 2026.

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