Gordon Murray chopped the roof off his V12 supercar

The new T.33 Spider features a pair of removable carbon fiber roof panels and a rear windshield that can be lowered for the full open-air experience.

by | Published on 4th Apr 2023

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has revealed its latest creation, the T.33 Spider.

Based on the T.33 Coupe and built by former F1 engineer Gordon Murray, the new roadster is powered by the same naturally-aspirated V12 as the hardtop.

But, alas, it’s more expensive.

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Unlike the T.33 coupe, though, the new T.33 Spider features a pair of removable roof panels.

It’s also got a rear windshield that can be lowered for the full open-air experience.

Those roof panels are made from carbon fiber and are designed to be stowed inside the front luggage compartments. 

Rest assured, though – there’s still space for your luggage.

Incorporated into the side panels are a pair of lockers, accessible from the supercar’s exterior and located behind the two seats.

Like all GMA road cars, production of the GMA T.33 Spider will be strictly limited to 100 examples.

Just like the T.33 coupe, the new GMA T.33 Spider is powered by a 3.9-liter V12 developed by Cosworth.

It’s a mid-mounted powerplant that produces 617 PS (608bhp) and 333 lb-ft of torque, revving to 11,100 rpm.

The supercar maker has not revealed acceleration times or a top speed.

In fact, it made a point of saying that it “does not follow trends and does not seek headline performance figures: not now, nor in the future.”

Back when the T.33 coupe was revealed January 2022, it was offered with either the option of a manual six-speed transmission or a bespoke clutchless auto box.

It turns out so few customers opted for the latter that the new T.33 Spider is only being offered with manual stick-shift.

We don’t have a problem with that, and imagine few will either.

GMA says the T.33 Spider has been developed in parallel with the T.33, sharing the same Ultralight carbon fiber monocoque construction.

Professor Gordon Murray CBE said: “When drawing a car I imagine what it’s going to feel like to sit in, and how it will feel to drive.

“So from the first sketch I knew that, with its open cockpit and the incredible Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine right behind you, the T.33 Spider would deliver a truly involving driving experience that’s quite unlike anything else.”

We’re willing to put money on him being right, too.

On the inside, the GMA T.33 Spider is much the same as the T.33 coupe.

In other words, there’s two seats, a manual six-speed transmission, and an analog rev counter flanked by a pair of digital displays.

No infotainment system with touchscreen here, though.

Instead, the driver is encouraged to focus on the carbon fiber steering wheel that’s trimmed in leather.

The pedals, gear shift lever, and switchgear are machined from aluminum alloy.

The race-inspired carbon fiber seats are trimmed in a combination of leather and Alcantara.

The unveiling of the GMA T.33 Spider comes just days after the automaker announced that its flagship T.50 supercar has received final sign-off, with production of customer’s cars about to begin.

Production of the T.33 Spider is due to begin in mid-2025 and will be priced at $2.2 million – about $350,000 more expensive than the coupe.



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