Google watch looks to be launched very soon after tech giant’s telling move

Somebody may have accidentally left a Pixel Watch prototype at a restaurant.

by | Published on 27th Apr 2022

Rumours about a potential Google smartwatch have been swirling for a while now and a recent trademark application suggests it could be released sooner than we thought.

Earlier this month, Google filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for something called the Pixel Watch.

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According to the application, the name is “intended to cover the categories of smartwatches; cases adapted for holding smartwatches; wearable computers in the nature of smartwatches; smartwatch straps; smartwatch bands”.

And then, just to add some fuel to the fire, somebody reportedly left a watch at a restaurant near Google HQ by accident and people are saying this is a prototype of the Pixel Watch.

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It certainly matches the description and details that have been given so far by tech analysts and ‘professional’ leakers (yup, it’s a thing): a round, bezel-less watch with a physical crown and two buttons.

We don’t know whether it will be an Android-based device or whether it’ll use a new interface designed in-house by Google, probably the latter, but we’ll find out soon enough.



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