Italian startup reveals its first creation and it looks like the Ferrari Monza

Published on Sep 21, 2022 at 12:28 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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Italian startup reveals its first creation and it looks like the Ferrari Monza

Italian startup Gorgona Cars has revealed its first creation, a stunning single-seater Mazda MX-5 Miata restomod.

Based on the original ‘NA’ model, it’s called the NM Concept and retains the iconic styling elements of the first Miata but with plenty of refinements.

Most obviously, it’s been turned into a single-seater speedster in the vein of the Ferrari Monza SP1.

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It loses the windshield and convertible top, instead featuring a cover over the passenger seat and a single exposed driver’s seat.

To give it an even more classic look, there’s a ducktail spoiler integrated into the trunk lid and half-sized doors.

And of course, the new doors are made from carbon fiber to save weight, but also to improve crash safety.

There are also LED lights, new mirrors, blacked-out chrome trim, and 15-inch Enkei RPF1 wheels on the outside.

Gorgona NM Concept with pop-up headlights upGorgona NM Concept

It’s still thoroughly an NA Mazda Miata, but simply better.

But where it’s really been improved is under the hood, where the lethargic engine of the NA has been replaced by the engine from the current fourth-gen ND Miata.


With it, the tiny Miata now packs 181hp from the modern 2.0-liter; that’s a 65hp increase.

Plus, with an optional ‘power kit’ it can be bumped up to 225hp, although the company doesn’t specify just what that includes.

To stiffen its chassis, being a roofless car, there’s also additional chassis bracing underneath.

A set of adjustable coilover suspension will improve handling as well, while there are upgraded brakes to bring it to a stop.

Oh, and inside, it features the instrument cluster and starter button from the current Miata just to drive home that this is a restomod.

Gorgona Cars’ aim is to eventually have the NM Concept enter production and be homologated for road use.

That will likely mean some design changes including a windshield of some sort.

The company won’t be building the car from the ground up, either, but will instead require a donor vehicle from interested customers.

On top of the cost of the donor Miata, expect to pay around $70,000 for it to be converted into the beauty you see here.

Gorgona NM Concept driving on race track
Image: Gorgona Cars

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