GTA 6 footage leaked by Rockstar director’s son

The shock TikTok video appeared just two days before the official trailer drop.
  • GTA 6 footage leaked yesterday on TikTok
  • A mere two days before the official trailer drop
  • The leak is alleged to have come from a Rockstar director’s son

Published on Dec 4, 2023 at 3:29PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 7, 2023 at 1:13PM (UTC+4)

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GTA 6 footage leaked by Rockstar director’s son

GTA 6 footage was leaked on Sunday (3 December) by a Rockstar director’s son in a shock TikTok video.

While for legal reasons we can’t share the footage itself it’s easy enough to find on the social-media platform.

The brief footage thought to be from the game is thought to have been leaked by the son of Aaron Garbut, Rockstar North co-studio head and art director.

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Garbut’s son is thought to be in his early twenties – although that has not been confirmed.

The source of the leak is also unconfirmed by Rockstar.

The hotly anticipated first trailer is due to be unveiled tomorrow, 5 December at 9am ET.

A mere 13 seconds long, the GTA 6 footage was remarkably low resolution and is seemingly from an early build.

What is clear is that it shows a large, open world city.

Despite only having 24 hours to wait for the trailer, gamers still have no steer on when the game will arrive.

Some suggest it could happen this time next year – although this seems overly optimistic.

Like previous leaks, there’s not too much we can glean from the leak.

However, Rockstar Games confirmed the Vice City setting with the palm trees on the trailer date announcement.

Amid the frenzied comments beneath the announcement, fans began to focus on this detail.

“No way it’s actually GTA 6. Palm Trees are telling me Vice City I think. Freakin pumped,” one said.

“Vice City theme in the background!!” a second said.

“VICE CITY THEME,” said a third .

“GTA Vice City!!!!!” another fan echoed.

A fan-made and non-official map already exists based on leaks.

It looks like Rockstar Games has made the GTA 6 map diverse, with different terrains and more playable interiors than ever before.

Keep checking in for more GTA 6 news as and when it happens.

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