The Gucci mansion in London has hit the market for $66.6 million

Once the Gucci HQ in the 2000s, the luxurious home is now for sale for an eye-watering sum.

Published on Jul 5, 2022 at 10:04AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jul 13, 2022 at 3:20PM (UTC+4)

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The main living room of the former Gucci HQ mansion

The former London headquarters of Gucci has hit the market for a whopping $66.6 million (£55 million).

Once the home of Gucci, the mansion is now a luxurious residence that’s now the most expensive property in the prestigious Mayfair district.

The incredible home boasts eight bedrooms, a swimming pool, and even a conservatory.

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It dates all the way back to 1769 and was even once owned by a British Lord High Chancellor, giving it some real history and cred.

Boasting six-meter (20-foot) ceilings with gold-leaf decoration, the mansion is spread over six levels including the basement.

The property was purchased in 1998 by Gucci, just after Tom Ford was appointed creative director.

Gucci’s relocation from Milan to London was driven by owner Invescorp.

A 24-month renovation was undertaken before the Gucci team moved in.


Now, what was once the main boardroom and meeting place is now the first-floor dining room.

The second and third floors were where the PR and IT teams worked.

Meanwhile, the fourth floor was the personal workspace of the CEO, who was treated to an adjoining sunroom up there.

In total, there’s 14,000ft2 (1300m2) of space in the home, making it around 19 times the size of the average UK home.

A complete chef’s kitchen, staff bedrooms, gym, double garage, and elevator access to all floors rounds out the property’s many luxuries.

Listed for sale through Beauchamp Estates, there is the option for it to be leased for $48,400 (£40,000) per week as well.

Located on Grafton Street, the townhouse is in an ideal location just a short walk away from Saville Row.

It’s unclear who currently owns it as its ownership is tied to an offshore trust according to the British Land Registry.


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