This military-grade bunker is an underground mansion with a 10-car garage

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Cutaway view of the Oppidum bunker

This military-grade bunker is a super-luxurious home with an indoor pool and a 10-car garage.

Called L’Héritage, the concept promises military-grade protection for you, your loved ones, and most importantly, your cars.

Entering in through a hidden ramp that rises out of the lawn, you’re greeted by the massive garage.

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Through the garage, you then enter the luxurious pad through its custom-made blast-proof doors.

Of course, there’s no need to jangle your keys about to find the right one.

Instead, there’s a biometric sensor that scans your face, eyes, and hands.

You’ll quickly forget you’re in a heavily reinforced bunker once you’re in.

Glass chandeliers, wood flooring, custom-made furniture, and five-meter (16-foot) ceilings feature throughout.

There’s even an indoor garden where you can stop to smell the roses.


The luxuries don’t end there either, the company designed it with an indoor pool and a home cinema included.

In addition to admiring your cars in the garage, there’s also a gallery where you can display your art and sculptures.

Practical considerations also include a meeting room for hosting confidential conversations, as well as multiple family-oriented living areas and bedrooms.

Ensuring you can sustain off-grid living below the surface, there are two types of air filtration systems.

Industrial-grade generators are also there to power it, with these backup systems all operating automatically.

Each Oppidum bunker is also customizable to each customer’s tastes, with the layout and styling all changeable.

When it comes to doomsday bunkers, this has got to be the ultimate concept design ever created.



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