This watch looks like it’s made from LEGO but it costs the same as a VW Golf

Brought to you by the same company that once crafted a watch from actual cheese.

by | Published on 17th Dec 2022

This is the H Moser Genesis, an expensive watch that looks like it’s made from LEGO.

We shouldn’t be surprised: this is the same watch brand that literally crafted a timepiece out of cheese.

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The lovely designers and engineers at H. Moser are obviously mad – and we love them for it.

In addition to having a crazy design, this watch also has an insane name.


It is known as the ‘01100111 01100101 01101110 01100101 01110011 01101001 01110011’.

We’re not making this up.

It translates to ‘Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis’ in binary code.

We’re going to call it the ‘Genesis’ to keep it simple.

The 40mm case is made from titanium and steel and decorated with a 3D-printed, LEGO-like bezel around it.

The Pacman-style maze dial is painted using a combination of satin grey and Vantablack, a special type of material that absorbs 99 percent light.

H. Moser has already used this material before on more than one occasion.

Earlier this year, the company made a watch using this material for everything from the dial to the case.

It is (almost) literally invisible.

Just like every other H Moser watch, the Genesis is expensive.

Production is limited to 50 pieces and the price tag is CHF 27,000.

That’s about $29,000 USD.

About H. Moser

H. Moser & Cie. – often shortened to ‘H Moser’ – is an independent watch manufacturer based in Switzerland.

Even though H. Moser can trace its roots back to a Russian watch company from the 1800s, the company as we know it was launched in 2002.

It specializes in high-end watches with top-notch complications and, on occasion, quirky features.



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