These are the highest paid CEOs in the world for 2023

  • The world’s highest paid CEOs all made at least eight figures in 2023
  • Most of them run public companies
  • With a few exceptions, none are particularly famous or well known, but their companies are

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These are the highest paid CEOs in the world for 2023

Breaking down the income of the world’s highest paid CEOs is a bit complicated.

This is because, in addition to their yearly salary, most of them also receive stocks and stock options.

One thing’s for sure, they’re all extremely well off.

Tim Cook – $99 million

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Tim Cook receives a relatively low salary considering he runs one of the world’s largest companies.

The CEO of Apple generally makes $99 million a year, but his salary is actually lower than that as most of his net worth is tied to Apple stock.

Kiwi Camara, Bill Ready and Douglas Ingram

You may not know these CEOs by the name and, with one exception, you may not even know the company.

And yet they all made more than Apple’s Tim Cook.

Kiwi Camara (CS Disco) and Douglas S. Ingram (Sarepta Therapeutics) are going to walk home with $110 million and $125 million respectively this year.

And then there’s Bill Ready.

The name might not ring a bell but the company will as he’s the CEO of Pinterest.

He’s reportedly making $125 million this year.

Safra Catz and Michael Rapino

Both Catz and Rapino (pictured above with singer Bad Bunny) may not be familiar but their companies certainly are.

Catz, one of the few women on the list, is the CEO of Oracle, yep that’s the tech company founded by none other than Larry Ellison.

As for Rapino, he runs Live Nation Entertainment, the company that oversees and organizes a large number of concerts and music shows, including of course the Live Nation itself.

Catz is reportedly making $138 million this year, whereas Rapino is going to walk home with $139 million.

Barry McCarthy and Stephen M. Scherr

McCarthy and Scherr are in charge of companies you’ve probably heard of.

In fact, especially in Scherr’s case, you’ve probably used it, too.

McCarthy is the CEO of Peloton, the tech / sports company that boomed during Covid with its at-home exercise bikes.

As for Scherr, he’s the CEO of Hertz, the car rental company.

They made $168 million and $182 million respectively this year.

Google’s Sundar Pichai

As the leader of one of the world’s largest tech companies, Pichai is expected to make a ton of cash each year and in fact he does.

The CEO of Google, or Alphabet Inc. if we want to use its corporate name, made $226 million this year.

Leonard Schleifer and Marc Benioff

As it’s often the case, the names don’t ring a bell and the companies are not glamorous.

But there’s clearly a lot of money involved.

Schleifer, who made $229 million this year, is the founder of Wellspoint, a pharmaceutical company.

As for Benioff, he’s the CEO of Salesforce, which is a company that provides support, especially in terms of data analysis, for businesses.

He made $234 million this year.

Netflix’s Reed Hastings

Hastings is not exactly a celebrity CEO, but he runs Netflix.

We’re going to go ahead and assume there’s no need to explain what Netflix is, and why Hastings’ salary, $252 million, is so high.

Stephen A. Schwarzman and Jensen Huang

Schwarzman and Huang are in drastically different businesses but what they have in common is their incredibly high salaries.

Schwarzman is the CEO of Blackstone, an investment firm, and his bank account is expected to grow by $253 million this year.

As for Huang, well, he’s CEO of NVIDIA.

And he’s making $292 million this year.

Honorable mentions – The ‘car guys’

What do Elon Musk, Robert Scaringe and Peter Rawlinson have in common?

Two things.

All three are in charge of electric car companies, and all three are quite rich.

This is because all three derive their wealth from the value of their respective car companies.

Tesla, Rivian (Scaringe) and Lucid (Rawlinson) are all public companies and even though their price action is volatile, it always tends to remain pretty high.

Elon Musk technically doesn’t receive a salary, while Scaringe and Rawlinson both have relatively low salaries.

However, all three have mind-boggling net worth because they hold a lot of stock of their respective companies.

Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, has a net worth of $248 billion.

As for Rawlinson and Scaringe, they both have a 10-figure net worth.

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