‘Holy Grail’ shipwreck worth $20 billion to be raised from the ocean floor

The greatest modern day treasure haul
  • The Spanish ship San José has 200 tons of treasure onboard
  • The treasure includes gold, silver, and emeralds
  • Recovery of the shipwreck could begin before April ends

Published on Apr 7, 2024 at 1:33PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 8, 2024 at 7:34PM (UTC+4)

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The Colombian government will soon recover a ‘holy grail’ shipwreck worth $20 billion.

The shipwreck of the Spanish ship San José has 200 tons of treasure onboard, including gold, silver, and emeralds.

It’s been eight years since the discovery of the ‘Holy Grail of shipwrecks’.

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The Colombian government has finally decided to set politics aside and start the recovery of the treasure.

Experts have dubbed the vessel the ‘Holy Grail of shipwrecks’ due to the amount of significant historical treasures onboard.

It’s said to be the ‘richest vessel ever lost at sea‘ whose total value is estimated between $4 billion and $20 billion.

According to the authorities, the recovery of the shipwreck could begin before April ends.

This is not the only shipwreck that has been found in recent times.

A mysterious 32-crew ship that vanished without a trace was also finally discovered after a century-long wait.

The location of the ‘Holy Grail of shipwrecks’ is a state secret to protect it from looters.

Don’t expect someone to accidentally stumble upon it, just like this father-daughter duo who found a 152-year-old shipwreck.

Interestingly, many different parties have claimed ownership of the treasure.

Colombia, Spain, and Bolivian Indigenous groups have already laid claim to the wreck.

A US salvage company ship also claimed to have been the first to discover the Spanish ship back in 1981.

However, the Colombian navy first found the shipwreck in 2015 near the port of Cartagena.

The San José’s cargo includes merchandise made of glass, porcelain, and leather.

It might even contain some secret ancient relics like this 8,000-year-old relic found by divers on the ocean floor.

Perhaps not 8,000 years old, but still definitely of historical interest.

As for that, historians believe the ship could help reveal much about the Spanish empire at the height of its power.

It’s definitely going to be fascinating to take a look at what comes up.

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