Someone is actually trying to sell this horror Hummer H2

We think we've stumbled across what is quite frankly one of the most hideous cars currently for sale.

by | Published on 4th Jan 2023

We think we’ve stumbled across one of the worst-looking cars currently for sale on AutoTrader.

That takes some doing, as there are currently 440,039 cars for sale on the website.

This horror Hummer H2 just takes the biscuit, though.

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In truth, we were alerted to this monstrosity after spotting a post on the AutoTrader Facebook page.

We’re not sure if AutoTrader is having a dig here, or whether they’re trying to help with the sale.


“Unleashing the beast with this 2009 White Hummer H2,” the post reads.

It adds, “fitted with a Bose sound system for maximum head-turner capacity.”

Either way, we broke our necks getting to the comments section before we’d even read the full sales ad.

And we weren’t disappointed with the results.

“It’s a head turner for all the wrong reasons,” one user wrote.

Another user commented, “just as we thought we’ve seen it all.”

Our favorite comment so far has to be the simple and straightforward, “rather walk.”

Us, too, Joseph.

Bearing in mind the seller is asking for £35,999 ($43,397), the sales ad doesn’t include a huge amount of info.

What it does say, though, is that the Hummer H2 is a fresh import.

Why someone would go to the trouble of importing this horror show is frankly beyond us, but never mind.

The ad goes on to say that it’s an “amazing looking show SUV SUT” with a “custom made body kit.”

It’s also got a “very expensive Bose sound system” and “big chrome wheel (sic) a real eye catcher and a head turner.”

Fortunately or unfortunately – however you look at it – the ad didn’t include any pictures of the interior.

Coming across the horror Hummer reminds us of the time we stumbled upon ‘The Pimp Mobile’.

That was an Austin Powers-inspired modified Volvo limo that was also for sale on the AutoTrader website.

Don’t ask us why, but we recently went looking for it to see if it’d been snapped up.

We weren’t surprised when we found it that it was still for sale.



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