‘Smartphone killer’ officially unveiled by ex-Apple designers

The screenless AI wearable wants to replace the smartphone.
  • Humane has officially unveiled its first device, the AI Pin
  • The AI Pin is an OpenAI-powered wearable that wants to replace the smartphone
  • The gadget is designed for interacting with large language models, no apps, and for talking instead of typing

Published on Nov 14, 2023 at 9:29PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 17, 2023 at 2:57PM (UTC+4)

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Humane AI Pin

Have we just seen a genuine contender to topple the mighty superiority of the iPhone?

There’s been months of demos and hints at what the AI-powered future of gadget might look like.

But Humane has finally lifted the curtain on its first device, the AI Pin – and ironically, it’s ex-Apple designers that are behind it.

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The wearable comes in two parts: a square device and a battery pack which magnetically attaches to your clothes or other surfaces.

Weighing around 34 grams, the AI Pin has a small “battery booster” which weights another 20.

The AI device comes with a built-in 13-megapixel camera to take photos and, after a software update, will capture video, too.

Powered by a Snapdragon processor, you can control the device with a combination of voice control, a camera, gestures, and a small built-in projector.

So, what can the AI Pin actually do?

We already saw the company’s co-founder Imran Chaudhri showing off some of its functionality during a demo at TED earlier this year.

He showed its voice-based messaging and calling, a “catch me up” feature that summarizes your email inbox, holding up food to the camera to get nutritional information, and real-time translation.

Essentially, the device’s primary purpose is something of a wearable LLM-powered search engine.

That being said, the company intends to add navigation and shopping capabilities in the future.

it even has plans to give developers ways to build tools of their own, too.

With the AI Pin, Humane is stripping away all the interface cruft from your tech.

Forget a homescreen, lots of settings or accounts to manage; all you have to do is talk to our touch the AI Pin, saying what you want to do or know, and then it’ll magically happen.

Sounds neat, huh?

So, for the all-important bit – the price.

The AI Pin is priced at $699, which includes a monthly Humane subscription.

That gets you a phone number and data coverage through T-Mobile’s network.

Humane will start taking orders for the AI Pin on November 16, with shipping expected early 2024.

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