iPhone users say Apple’s latest update is ruining their phone

If you own an iPhone, you might want to think twice about downloading the latest Apple update.
  • Apple released its iOS 17.1 update last night.
  • Users are already claiming it’s ruining their battery life.
  • While the reported battery issues might put you off, Apple is urging iPhone users to download the update for security reasons.

Published on Oct 27, 2023 at 4:40PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 27, 2023 at 5:22PM (UTC+4)

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iPhone users say Apple's latest update is ruining their phone

Last night, Apple released its iOS 17.1 update for the iPhone.

The software update contains several important bug fixes and security updates, in addition to improvements to AirDrop, StandBy and Apple Music.

But while many iPhone users rushed to install the update, early reports may put you off downloading it.

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Apparently, users are already claiming the update is ruining their battery life, with reports of charge draining within hours.

Users who downloaded the update have been left reeling and have taken to X to vent their anger.

“Idle battery drain on iOS 17.1 on the iPhone 15 is insanely high,” one user wrote.

“I know it’s a huge update and will require a couple of charge cycles to settle in, but it feels way higher than previous updates,” they added.

“My brand new phone battery is getting bad. 1% going every 7 mins. iOS 17.1 sucks. Fix it before you lose customers and get hate!” another posted.

“Worse experience ever this year, after updating to iOS 17.1 my iPhone battery is draining like crazy. WTF is happening to Apple?” a third vented.

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like the battery issues are here to stay.

“Installing a new OS on an iPhone triggers a lot of stuff to go on in the background, from indexing to recalibrating the battery, and this can go on for hours or even days,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a researcher at ZDNet, explained.

“Not only does this consume power, but the battery recalibration can give the impression that the battery is draining more rapidly when in fact it isn’t.

“Add to this the dual factor of a lot of app updates happening following a new release, combined with a lot of new features available that put more drain on an older handset.”

After a dew days have past, and if you’re still worried about your iPhone battery, Mr Kingsley-Hughes has some advice regarding checking your battery health.

“If you go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and the message is that it is good for Peak Performance Capability, then it’s either just the normal stuff going on, or a bug,” he advised.

While the reported battery issues might put you off, Apple is urging iPhone users to download the update for security reasons.

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