Hyundai’s latest rolling lab concepts prove green cars can be exciting

Published on Jul 16, 2022 at 5:22 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Hyundai’s latest rolling lab concepts prove green cars can be exciting

Hyundai has just revealed two “rolling lab” concepts, and one has a body based on the new Ioniq 6.

Hyundai calls them the RN22e and the N Vision 74.

They’re both built on Hyundai’s high-tech modular platform and they’re both high-performance cars powered by batteries and hydrogen.

Both have been unveiled under Hyundai’s high-performance ‘N’ division.

The goal is to show customers and fellow industry leaders that making hydrogen or electric cars can be fun.

The RN22e is loosely based on the road-going Ioniq 6 and fitted with a ‘streamline’ body design.


Despite being electric, it has a twin-clutch with torque vectoring and also large brakes.

To top it all off, it’s also equipped with exterior speakers to create something that Hyundai calls the ‘N Sound’.

And yeah, that’s basically fake noise but it’s fun.

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The N Vision 74 is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle designed to look like a pony car.

It’s not a small car, it’s actually longer than a Volvo V60 and wider than most SUVs.

And these generous dimensions actually make it look more powerful.

It’s unclear whether the two will actually go on sale, but hopefully they’ll at least be used as a starting point to for actual production cars.

Hyundai launched its Ioniq sub-division a couple of years ago and we know that the brand’s been working to expand the line-up beyond the two models that are currently available the 5 and 6.

In 2023, Hyundai will launch the 5 N, which is basically the sports version of the 5.

A high-performance variant for the 6 will follow shortly thereafter and hopefully, after that, we get to see either of these two vehicles hit the road.

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