Insane footage shows impact of crashes at varying speeds

The 3D-enhanced crash test simulation looks scarily realistic and shows the true extent of damage a 300-mph crash would cause.

by | Published on 5th May 2023

Automakers have been testing their cars with crash test dummies for years now.

In recent years they’ve also started using animations, too.

This particular crash test simulation demonstrates what happens if you crash at different speeds up to 300 mph.

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The footage is from a game called BeamNG and while it looks like it’s from a Hollywood movie, it’s purely animation.

Players are able to recreate different driving scenarios from races to crash test, with a focus on realism.

One thing’s for certain, this video definitely looks realistic.

It starts with a green sedan crashing into the back of a red sedan at 10 mph.

While there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the red sedan, the trunk of the green sedan can be seen popping open upon impact.

Things get more serious when the red sedan drives into the back of the green sedan at 30 mph.

Once again, the impact causes the green sedan’s trunk to pop open, but this time it’s pushed forward into a wall causing its hood, as well as the hood of the red sedan, to crumple.

And it looks even worse when the speed’s upped to 50 mph because the green sedan basically starts to fold in half.

At 80 mph, the situation becomes nightmarish because the impact is so violent it causes the green sedan’s doors to fly open.

When the red sedan crashes at 120 mph, very little is left of the green sedan with parts of its bodywork flying into the air.

At 200 mph, the green sedan becomes unrecognizable and the red sedan sustains significant damage to its front end. 

And then finally, at 300 mph, the impact causes the two sedans to basically entwine into a ball.

It’s likely automakers will rely on 3D-enhanced simulation even more in the future.

Although it can’t provide the same amount of data as a real crash, it’s far less expensive and it may even get cheaper in the future.



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