Inexperienced off-roaders blasted by sheriff after getting stuck on infamous Black Bear Pass

The local sheriff is publicly shaming them for attempting the infamously difficult track.

by | Published on 18th Aug 2023

An inexperienced off-roader has gotten stuck on the infamously difficult Black Bear Pass in Las Vegas and the Sheriff is absolutely fed up. 

Despite the pass being officially closed due to rock falls, drivers are ignoring the warning signs and still attempting to venture up the track. 

But after a Red Toyota 4Runner got stuck on the narrow track, causing a dozen vehicles to get stuck behind it, the local sheriff is publicly shaming them, calling them “complete a** clowns”.

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Taking to Twitter, the San Miguel Sheriff said “some people have it together and know what they’re doing, but some who venture up there are complete a** clowns”. 

“We may not be able to reach you if you have an emergency up there, so be prepared to abandon your vehicle, be stranded, or be seriously injured and inconvenienced,” he said. 

He said the path was currently closed because the track needed urgent work done to make it safe again, including clearing rocks that were causing serious rockslides.

“It is your responsibility to know before venturing into the backcountry, whether hiking a trail or driving a pass if the area is open and can be traveled safely,” he said. 

Then he took a thinly veiled swipe at the driver of the 4Runner who got stuck and required officials to rescue them. 

“Black Bear Pass is dangerous and you need experience and the right vehicle to navigate it safely,” he said.

The Twitter thread got a fair few people riled up, especially those who knew the track well. 

“The vehicle itself is ok for off-roading. The Texas driver not so much. He had no business being on Black Bear Pass,” one said. 

“This infuriates me! My father was an expert at 4-wheeling. He took us over every pass BUT Black Bear,” another said.

Another guy recalled his time on the infamous track, saying “when we came down, we had to dig out of three small rock slides to make it down”. 

“The pass is one of the most treacherous,” he said. 

Well, that’s all slightly embarrassing for the driver, but at least the rescue went without a hitch…



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