Inside Cindy Crawford’s Malibu home which is on the market for a cool $99.5 million

This beautiful beachside villa in Malibu, formerly owned by Cindy Crawford, is available for a cool $99.5 million.

by | Published on 24th Mar 2022

If you’ve got large pockets and are considering a move to California, you’ll be happy to know that Cindy Crawford’s former home – a beachside villa in Malibu – is currently available for $99.5 million.

It’s massive, sitting on three acres of land above the El Sol Beach with over 7,450 square feet of living space.

And it includes all the amenities you’d expect with a price tag like that; a tennis court, an indoor gym, a spa and a private beach.

It’s an open-air space combining a den, a dining area, a kitchen and a living room – with floor to ceiling windows.

Every bathroom is basically a mini spa, and every closet is a walk-in.

Adam Weiss, retired hedge-fund manager and current owner, purchased the two-story villa from Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber for $45 million in 2018 and he’s now looking to sell the house for nearly $100 million.



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