Is this the world’s wildest car? A look at the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo

  • The Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo is a one-of-a-kind concept supercar
  • It was brought to life from the video game, Gran Turismo 7
  • The car has a specialist team of Lamborghini employees just to get it off a truck

Published on Jun 13, 2024 at 6:11 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jun 17, 2024 at 8:05 PM (UTC+4)
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When it comes to Lamborghinis, the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo is a cut above the rest. Quite simply, it is a one-of-a-kind concept car that has been brought to life by the brilliant minds at the Italian supercar company. If you want to get behind the wheel of this beauty, your best bet would be playing Gran Turismo 7 – but in this video, you can see Alex examining some of the things that make this car one of the world’s most fascinating machines.

Video transcript:

I’m here at a top-secret location to see a car that the world has never seen before. All right, come on in. You think it only exists online, it doesn’t.

Okay, side view. That might give you a hint. Whoa, don’t look in there, it gives too much away.

Where do you want to look from, front? Ah, this is the first time I’m seeing it in real life, you guys. Same as you, we’re getting this moment together. By the way, welcome to the Supercarbondie channel.

Subscribe, b****. Ready? Oh, wow, what? Oh my goodness. Oh, what? Oh my god, you guys.

Oh my god. We’ve got to get this thing off the truck so you can see what I see. This is madness.

Oh my god, what? Holy moly. I’m glad I wore my fancy shoes for this shoot. Although nothing can offstage this car.

Look at that line on the back. Holy mackerel. What do you guys reckon? Is that worth the trip or what? This car is so delicate.

It’s going to take a whole team to get it off the truck so we can have a better look at it. But just look at that beast. Wow, you guys.

This, if you haven’t recognized it, is the Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo. So look how careful they have to be, guys. It comes off 10 centimetres at a time and I have to keep moving all of these boards.

It is super low to the ground. There’s only one of these in the world so you have to be super, super careful. Look at this, the boards go in.

Every few seconds something needs to be moved. When we were starting to film with this we said, okay, let’s get it off the truck. They said, okay, see you in one hour.

Look, it hasn’t been an hour but it’s been a good 30 minutes to get it off safely. So that’s a way to get a workout. Ditch the gym, push off the world’s coolest car.

Very well done. Here it is in real life. You can actually drive this car in the game Gran Turismo but on this channel, we get to see it in real life.

All right, is this not the coolest car you’ve ever seen? So this is the Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo. It’s called that because it was actually made for the game Gran Turismo: The Ultimate Championships in 2019. This is of course a concept so this is the only one in the world and Lamborghini has been so awesome to actually bring it out for our channel today on the Supercar Bondi channel.

Thank you so much guys. Let’s have a look. I love these taillights.

Isn’t that fantastic? With the Y Lamborghini line. It’s just so prominent. It takes up the whole back wing.

I love that. And then what I also love, you’ve got these hexagonal exhaust tips here but what I love is this whole pipe runs all the way through and you can see that into what is a naturally aspirated V12. Do you see this right here? This stands for supercapacitor.

So this drivetrain is based on the Sian. So it has the same drivetrain as that car. That car however is real.

Like you can actually drive that car. There are 63 of them being produced. I’ve got a video coming out on that car as well so make sure you subscribe.

Hit it right now guys. You have to do it. I know some of you watching right now are not subscribed.

Go do it. Do it right now. That one is going to be on my channel really soon.

These fenders here. You see how they’re separated from the body? And this is floating. That is awesome.

Love, love, love. And as you can see it’s a one seater. So the driver’s straight in the middle there.

And what is also super cool, like he just has a head. Like there’s just a head. He doesn’t have a body.

It’s just a head. And then that head is looking at this really cool digital display. Everything’s being projected onto this like glass section here in the middle.

You’ve got the special racing suspension. This is so freaking insane, isn’t it? You can see all the way through the side of the car here. And then you’ve got this super low front lip.

All that made out of carbon fiber. 63. You might be wondering why in the world is there a 63 on it? That is to celebrate 63 years since Lamborghini was founded.

So this came out 63 years later, which was in 2019. And you’ve got a rose gold tow hook. The reason why it was made as a one-seater is because of course in the game it’s just you driving, right? You never have a passenger with you.

So and this actually opens like a jet fighter. So the whole canopy opens, which is super cool. And you’ve got the petrol that goes in here.

The benzina. You’ve got these beautiful rose gold accents here and on the wheel. Don’t you just love this? This is beautiful.

All right, guys, let’s talk to Mitja, the head of design here at Lamborghini. He’s responsible for this beast. Ready? This is Mitja, everyone.

Head of design here at Lamborghini. He spent the last hour just doing little tiny droplets all over the car. It’s the fading effect.

Yeah, you see that? Yeah, see? That was part of the design, right? I think it’s fresh paint. Come around the back here, Mitja. I love this white taillight here.

That was the most important design theme from the beginning. Because, you know, when we were asked, let’s collaborate with Gran Turismo. Yeah.

You know, basically, for two weeks, my team was not stoppable. They were disappearing and then, you know, coming back with a million ideas. But that Y shape was from the beginning.

Had to be there. Had to be there because we said we need to design it also in this perspective. Because, you know, in the game it is used like this.

That’s why. That’s so true. And these exhaust tips, Mitja, where did you grab those from? You know, to make the process faster and to also save some money because designers are also efficient people.

We took the Aventador S exhaust pipe, doubled them and we have it here. So that’s awesome. It’s super cool.

For me, this car is also a design strategy. It is kind of following the idea of the Terza Millenio. Yeah, yeah.

But we wanted to get it even more crazy. Yes. Because with the Terza Millenio was the electrical concept.

And here the V12 hybrid. Which one do you like better? Design wise. The next one.

Always the latest one. You know, if I tell you now… Politically correct. You know, the designer of the other cars maybe then, you know, disappointed.

Yeah, all right. I love them both because they have their own character. They’re very different.

Very different. I think that’s it, guys. Massive thank you to Lamborghini for bringing this out today for us and Mitja, the head of design.

And we’ve had like a close-up look at this incredible car. Otherwise, you would only see it in the game. We’ll see you next time.

Bye. I love you. I’m out.


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