Jet-powered Amish buggy is wooden-wheeled with Boeing gas turbine

A ride on the Thunder Buggy would be an unforgettable one
  • The Thunder Buggy is a wooden Amish-style buggy with a jet engine strapped onto it.
  • It’s like combining an old-fashioned carriage with a spaceship.
  • Owner Chad Clark and his partner Mike Monter spent around 800 hours putting it together.

Published on Apr 2, 2024 at 6:15PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 3, 2024 at 3:53PM (UTC+4)

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The Thunder Buggy is not your average ride.

Nope, it’s not some sleek sports car or a roaring muscle car.

It’s actually a wooden buggy with a jet engine strapped onto it.

Yeah, you heard that right! It’s like combining grandma’s old-fashioned carriage with a spaceship. Talk about a wild ride!

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Created by a crew in Millersburg, Ohio, this incredible contraption has become quite the sensation.

Owner Chad Clark and his partner Mike Monter spent around 800 hours putting it together.

That’s a lot of time for what essentially looks like a fancy go-kart with a serious identity crisis.

But, it’s not all show and no go. The Thunder Buggy is powered by a Boeing gas turbine, originally used in aircraft start carts.

They had to build a steel subframe just to support the weight of this beast, but guess what?

The wheels are still made of wood! Talk about blending the old world with the new, right?

But, don’t expect this thing to break any speed records. It tops out at just 60 miles per hour.

But, who cares about speed when you’ve got noise?

With its afterburner installed, the Thunder Buggy can be louder than a packed NFL stadium. Imagine cruising down the street and making your own thunderstorm.

Despite its lack of speed, the Thunder Buggy has made quite a splash on social media.

Videos of it tearing down airstrips and quarter miles have gone viral, racking up millions of views.

Even the Amish community has given it a thumbs up. Who would’ve thought they’d be into jet-powered buggies?

But you know what? The Thunder Buggy proves that the automobile industry isn’t just about sleek rides and speed demons.

Sometimes, it’s about the thrill of doing something different, like building a jet-powered buggy like this one or turning an average Honda Civic into a Lamborghini Aventador.

So here’s to the Thunder Buggy, the wooden wonder that’s making waves, one decibel at a time.

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