This knock-off Bronco was penned by an ex-Porsche designer

The Jetour Traveller may look like a combination between a Ford Bronco and a Land Rover Defender, but it costs the same as a Fiat Panda.

by | Published on 28th Feb 2023

This is the new Jetour Traveller, an SUV that looks halfway between a Ford Bronco and a Land Rover Defender.

It may be yet another Chinese knock-off but it actually looks pretty good.

And there’s a good reason for that: it was penned by a former Porsche designer.

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The new Jetour Traveller is based on the T-1 prototype (pictured above).

At the front, the Jetour definitely looks like a Ford Bronco.

Partly because of the grille design which also incorporates the ‘Jetour’ lettering, but chiefly because of the square headlamps.

Meanwhile at the back, the spare wheel and the vertical taillights have Defender written all over them.

We definitely can’t call it an original design but it doesn’t look too bad, to be honest.

The fact that it was sketched by the same guy who helped design the Porsche 918 Spyder probably had something to do with it.

When you open the doors and climb aboard, it becomes a bit more difficult to draw a comparison between this and other similar SUVs.

Probably because most SUVs use the same design language when it comes to the interior.

Aside from the sizeable gear selector and the inevitable iPad-style screen for the infotainment, two things stand out.

First, the vertical air vents have a unique shape and appear to be quite large.

And then second, the steering wheel, which almost looks like it was designed for a sports car.

The Jetour Traveller is only available with a gas engine for now but a plug-in hybrid is coming soon.

Performance figures haven’t been revealed yet but the X70, another SUV by Jetour, uses similar powertrains with power outputs between 156 hp and 197 hp.

And there’s one more thing we need to address: it my look like a Bronco but it doesn’t cost like one.

The Jetour Traveller starts at just $21,500.



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