Ken Block’s daughter Lia to race Pikes Peak in the Hoonipigasus

Lia Block, daughter of the late rally legend Ken Block, will tackle the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb at the wheel of a 1,400-horsepower monster.

by | Published on 4th May 2023

Ken Block’s 16-year-old daughter Lia just announced she will race at this year’s Pikes Pike event.

As a tribute to her late father, Lia will be racing at the wheel of the car her dad was going to use: a 1,400 Porsche 911.

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Lia took to her instagram account to make the announcement.

“This June I’ll be making a tribute run at the 2023 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb,” she said. “I am stoked to be going up the mountain in this crazy build, and getting my feet wet on the legendary mountain!”

The apple clearly didn’t fall far from the tree because the car she’ll be using is a proper beast.

Based on the 911, the ‘Hoonipigasus’ is twin-turbo monster capable of delivering 1,400 horsepower. The pink livery is a tribute to the iconic Porsche 917/20, aptly dubbed ‘Pink Pig’ due to its unique colorway.

Hoonipigasus (left), next to the original Porsche 917 ‘Pink Pig’ (right)

As Lia pointed out in her Instagram post, she’ll be tackling the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb but it won’t be a timed run.

However, she doesn’t rule out the possibility of doing it again against the clock in the future.

“Perhaps just warming up for a future run,” she added.

About Ken Block

Ken Block began his rallying career in the early 2000s, winning the Rally America Rookie of the Year award in 2005.

He made his WRC debut in 2007 at the wheel of a Subaru Impreza WRX.

An all-around athlete, Block also competed in skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross.

However, he created his true masterpiece in the late 2000s, with the Hoonigan YouTube channel showcasing Ken Block’s mythological Gymkhana skills.

In the Gymkhana, Block performed insane tricks using his car – usually a Ford or a Subaru.

Drifting, 180 degree spins, figure 8s – you name it.

Block’s Hoonigan YouTube channel amassed millions of views

He died in a snowmobile accident in 2023, aged 55.



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