Crazy $3.5 million Lamborghini 63 superyacht launches in Blu Uranus

The crazy Lamborghini 63 yacht is also famously owned by MMA fighter Conor McGregor.

by | Published on 24th Apr 2023

The crazy Lamborghini 63 yacht has just been revealed in the brand’s iconic Blu Uranus color. 

Built in Italy by Tecnomar, the Lamborghini 63 makes 4000 hp and is worth a staggering $3.5 million. 

We got our first look at the ‘supercar of the sea’ when MMA fighter Conor McGregor got his hands on one and showed it off to his 46 million Instagram followers.

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The Tecnomar yacht is part of Lamborghini’s Ad Personam program, meaning its uber-wealthy buyers are able to personalize the yacht in crazy detail. 

There will be just 63 examples ever built of the vessel

The 63 in the name also references the length of the yacht, 63 feet, its top speed, 63 knots, and the foundation of Lamborghini in 1963.

The yacht is incredible, boasting clear Lamborghini design language, with its Y-shaped running lights and unmistakable start-stop button. 

It also has a Lamborghini steering wheel and a dashboard inspired by the Sian. 

It’s got the supercar’s unmistakable angular lines and the kind of power you’d expect from a Lamborghini thanks to two 2000 hp monsters on the back. 

Conor McGregor gave us a glimpse at that power in this video he posted to Instagram. 

The video shows him sitting in the center console with his thumb on the throttle and his other hand on the Lamborghini steering wheel as he powers it through Monte Carlo. 

It gives us a closer look at the angular dashboard that could easily belong inside a supercar. 

Lamborghini 63 yacht specs 

  • Two V12 bi-turbo 2000HP engines
  • Top speed of 63 knots (116km/h, 72mph)
  • Can travel 389km (210 nautical miles) at a speed of 40 knots (75km/h)
  • Length – 20m (63ft)
  • Pricing starts at $3.5 million and goes up from there with bespoke options 


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