This Lamborghini Aventador replica is really a Honda Accord

While its paint job, head- and taillights are pretty accurate, the proportions make the Lamborghini Aventador replica stand out like a sore thumb.

by | Published on 13th Jun 2023

It’s not always true when they say imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

In this instance, we’re going to use this Lamborghini Aventador replica as an example.

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While the paint job, head, and tail lights are pretty accurate, the rest looks a bit dodgy.

Rather than being based on a Pontiac Fiero, the Lamborghini Aventador replica built by Executive Modcar Trendz is based around a four-door Honda Accord.

That’s the first issue, as the different body style gives the replica supercar some rather odd proportions.

For example, the roof is much higher than the real thing, and the engine and decklid descend at a much steeper angle.

To be frank, the proportions make the Lamborghini Aventador replica stand out like a sore thumb, but we will give the car some props.

In fairness, the paint color used is reasonably close to the Aventador’s popular Arancio Argos launch color.

The headlight and tailights are quite accurate, too, but that’s about it.

We’re not even sure we want to begin imagining what it would be like to drive the replica supercar.

No doubt when you press the throttle it would accelerate like a Honda.

You’ll probably have wannabe racers challenging you when you pull up to traffic lights, too.

It would be highly embarrassing if you came across a real Aventador on the way home, as it would leave you for dead.

One thing’s for certain, rip-off supercars like this Lamborghini Aventador replica are intriguing and, at the same time, leave us with so many questions.

Why do they exist?

What kind of person buys a replica supercar?

The truth is, these questions are difficult to answer and to be fair, don’t need answering.

But as much as it may annoy legitimate automakers and super owners, replicas are likely to exist well into the future.



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