Lamborghini Aventador successor dashes to avoid the camera

Despite his best efforts, the test driver behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Aventador successor couldn’t get away from the camera quick enough.

by | Published on 6th Mar 2023

Not long to wait now until the Lamborghini Aventador successor is officially unveiled.

Over the past few months, we’ve been given sneak peaks of the new Lamborghini supercar thanks to videos posted online.

In the latest video posted to his YouTube channel, Varryx has spotted the hybrid V12 Lamborghini, but this video’s very different.

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The video starts with a Huracán STO sporting a partial camouflage waiting to pass through a gate into Lamborghini’s testing facility.

Nothing really out of the ordinary there, but the security guard in the video seems to be trying to hide something.

The ever-eagle-eyed Varryx spots a familiar-looking prototype through a gap in the gate – the Lamborghini Aventador successor.

A minute later, and the new supercar comes hurtling down the road.

And when we say hurtling, it’s clear the test driver has spotted Varryx with his camera and is trying to get away.

Not before we get a good look at it, though.

In the video, new LED daytime running lights can be seen below the headlights in the front bumper.

These appear to be very similar to the ones found on the Lamborghini Sián. 

In no mood to stick around, the test driver whizzes past Varryx, almost running straight into a minivan.

Thankfully, the test driver honks his horn, alerting the minivan driver he was coming and to get out of the way.

As the Lamborghini Aventador successor hits the brakes, we get another glimpse of the new taillights and third brake light in action.

We have seen different test mules in the past, but this is the final car driving on the road, just covered with a light camouflage wrap.

We can clearly see many “High Voltage” warning signs all over the body, so we know they are testing the new hybrid powertrain.

Some say it will be called the Lamborghini Tormenta or Lamborghini Revuelto, but there’s no proof of either of them.



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