Lamborghini introduces four-day week policy and increases pay

  • Working at the Lamborghini factory just got even more appealing
  • Employees will enjoy four- and three-day workweeks
  • They’ll also get a pay rise

Published on Dec 07, 2023 at 8:45 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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Lamborghini introduces four-day week policy and increases pay

Working at the Lamborghini factory just got even more appealing.

As far as factory jobs go, you can’t get much better than manufacturing luxury cars.

According to reports, Lamborghini employees are some of the happiest in the industry.

And a new company policy is about to enhance their happiness even further.

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Lamborghinis are made at the headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese, a small city in Italy.

Here about 300 people are employed at the assembly line.

There are 24 stations that every vehicle passes through, each one manned by a small number of expert artisans.

The factory produces around 9,233 cars a year, focusing on quality over quantity.

It’s a peaceful work environment with employees efficiently working together to assemble the company’s iconic models.

They can produce 13 Huracans in one day but only six Aventadors.

These are usually highly customized and therefore take much longer to make.

According to Glassdoor, where employees anonymously rate their employers, this particular factory is an amazing place to work.

The job is described as fun, with good benefits, friendly employees and reasonable hours.

Now employees are about to experience even more job satisfaction.

Workers will only have to work four days every other week, resulting in 22 extra days off a year.

Those who have to work night shifts will enjoy extra benefits to soften the blow.

They’ll get 31 extra free days a year, working on a three-shift schedule.

It might be assumed that working fewer hours means getting less pay.

Lamborghini hardly needs to save money though, and the company will actually be giving its employees a pay bump.

As a Christmas present, they’ll each receive a $1,080 bonus in December.

This move has been deemed ‘historical’ for the automotive industry.

It’s the first time workers have been given more time off while getting paid more money.

Suddenly working in a factory sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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