Lamborghini’s $1,000 cup holder only comes if you spec it

$1,000 is indeed a lot of money for a cup holder but, on the plus side, it also means you get an extra Lamborghini badge.

by | Published on 26th May 2023

Top-tier luxury automakers famously provide their buyers with ludicrous option lists.

The latest example comes from Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini Huracán Evo is fitted with what internet users are already calling the “world’s most expensive cup holder”.

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The cup holder, which is an optional extra, is hidden inside the stylish dashboard on the passenger side.

You can find it just a few inches to the side of the ‘Lamborghini’ inscription.

Believe it or not it costs $1,000 and it doesn’t do anything special: it’s just a cup holder.

Several YouTubers and TikTok users shared videos of the cup holder and people are going crazy in the comments.

For example, when Jameslakeshow posted a video to his TikTok channel, his followers showed no mercy.

“This is why I bought a [Ford] Fiesta instead. You get two [cup holders] as standard,” one user said.

“Thank you for this, I’m not gonna buy a Lambo anymore, gonna stick with my Kia,” another wrote.


Lamborghini secret Cupholder is spill proof #f @whofunnymike

♬ original sound – Bigeanderin

Another TikTok user called Thebigefamily faced a similar situation when they uploaded their video.

“Not all Lamborghinis have that option,” one commenter said.

“Man I had one like that in my Chevette back in the day,” another user said to downplay how special the Lamborghini was.

Still, it could be worse.

Paying four figures for a cup holder sounds crazy but Lamborghini isn’t the only brand going wild with their options lists.

The optional carbon fiber hood for a Ferrari LaFerrari, for example, costs $335,000.

Also, if you’re into clocks and watches, you can spec a special Breitling dash clock for your Bentley Bentayga that ‘only’ costs $160,000.

But no one can outdo Koenigsegg when it comes to optional extras: the Naked Carbon finish on a Jesko costs $372,000.



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