Russian YouTuber demolishes a brand new $250,000 Lamborghini Urus for views

In the video, the brand-spanking new Urus is smashed to smithereens by a 3-ton can dropped from a crane above.

by | Published on 24th Feb 2023

A Russian YouTuber has demolished a brand new $250,000 Lamborghini Urus

If you’re experiencing a weird sense of deja vu, you’re not alone. 

It comes just days after a YouTuber in the US bought a $400,000 Ferrari F8 just to destroy it.

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Lamborghini Urus destroyed 

In the video posted by Mikhail Litvin, the brand spanking new white Urus is smashed to smithereens by a giant three-ton can of red liquid dropped from a crane above.

And the reason?


To promote his new energy drink. 

It’s hard to hear, and even harder to watch. 

You can watch it here, and fast-forward to the 25-minute mark for the action:

Since the video was posted seven days ago, it’s already racked up almost seven million views. 

Not only that but somehow it’s amassed 700,000 thumbs-up reactions too. 

It’s not the first time the Russian YouTuber has destroyed a car for views. 

Mercedes set on fire

Two years ago Litvin set his $160,000 Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S on fire.

According to Litvin, he did it because he was experiencing constant issues with the coupe and his Mercedes dealer was doing nothing to fix them. 

So, Litvin did what any sane person would, and doused his car in fuel and lit it on fire. 

You can watch the chaos unfold here:

Porsche Taycan Turbo S wreck

But wait, there’s more. 

A year after he lit his Mercedes on fire, Litvin ‘accidentally’ drove a new $190,000 Porsche Taycan Turbo S through the doors of a dealership. 

Yep, Litvin reportedly says it was all an accident. 

He says he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, but the whole thing was caught in 4k and posted to his YouTube channel, so we’ll let you decide what to believe.



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