Lando Norris goes viral after this stunt in the pool

Lando Norris is no stranger to ball-designed helmets – he previously wore a basketball-themed lid for the first-ever Miami GP.

by | Published on 5th May 2023

In recent years, Formula 1 drivers have adorned themselves with some pretty special helmet designs.

Usually, they’re a one-off for special occasions for the drivers, through a sponsorship arrangement, tribute or otherwise.

McLaren man Lando Norris has decided to do something very different with his helmet design ahead of the Miami Grand Prix.

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The Formula 1 star has taken to social media to show off of his noggin protector.

The picture shows Lando in a swimming pool wearing the beach ball helmet while holding an actual beach ball.

The design couldn’t look any more like an inflatable toy.

Featuring mult-colored panels, the design also incorporates Lando’s name, number and phrases “Miami 2023” and “Beach Ball” etched throughout.

Of course, it includes sponsor logos, too.

The funniest bit is, the design even includes a “Warning” label just like on an actual beach ball.

Fans of the McLaren driver were quick to share their thoughts on the social post.

One user wrote, “This is the most Lando helmet ever.”

Another commented, “I wouldn’t expect anything else from you.”

“King of helmet design returned to get his crown,” another said.

It’s not the first time Lando has adorned a ball design on his helmet when visiting Florida.

Last season, he wore a basketball-themed helmet for the first-ever Miami GP.

It didn’t help him get the win, though, as he ended up not finishing the race.

Lando wasn’t the only McLaren driver to show off a special one-off helmet in Miami either.

Daniel Ricciardo got in on the act with a tribute to one of his favourite films, with his Ace Ventura: Pet Detective inspired colour scheme.

Ahead of the 2023 season, Alfa Romeo driver Valtteri Bottas donned a unique one-off brain bucket during testing in Bahrain.

Sporting a mullet and mustache combo, the Finnish driver had someone paint his own head onto his helmet and it looked phenomenal.

We wonder if Brad Pitt will have a specially-designed helmet made for his forthcoming F1 movie?

It was recently announced that the actor, alongside Jerry Bruckheimer and Joseph Kosinski – the guys behind Top Gun: Maverick – have set their sights on making the most accurate racing film of all time.

In order to do so, they’re forming a racing team, which will be filmed on track for the last half of the 2023 season.

Just like Tom Cruise performing his own stunts for Top Gun: Maverick, headliner Pitt is set to be filmed driving actual F1 cars.



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