Petition to ban Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 reaches 3.6 million

by | May 7, 2022 - 6:57AM | Celebrities, Latest

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the defamation trial

More than 3.6 million people have signed a petition to ban Amber Heard from appearing in Aquaman 2 as a defamation trial involving her and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, continues to dominate headlines.

At the time of writing, the online petition set up by Depp’s fans has garnered upwards of 3.6 million signatures.

Aquaman 2 is the next instalment in the successful DC movie franchise, starring Jason Momoa as the titular character. Its release date is March 17, 2023.


The petition’s creator claims Heard “has systematically crusaded to ruin Depp in Hollywood”.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million over an article she wrote about him in The Washington Post. 

Depp says that Heard implied he had abused her over the course of their relationship, but he denies this allegation.

He claims Heard’s article cost him huge movie deals, impacting his stance in Hollywood.

Both Depp and Heard have taken to the stand to testify, each explaining their experiences throughout the relationship.

Who is Amber Heard’s character Mera?

Amber Heard appears as Mera in Aquaman.
Image: DC

The worldwide box office takings of the first Aquaman movie was $1.1 billion, Deadline reported.

Heard plays Mera who is “queen of the fabled underwater realm alongside her soulmate Aquaman”.

“With her hydrokinetic powers, she defends both land and sea,” DC Comics says.

“Fighting alongside Aquaman, the flame-haired warrior Mera has become a trusted protector of Atlantis and a respected DC Super Hero in her own right.”

Aquaman 2 producer Peter Safran addressed Heard’s appearance in the movie back in July last year, saying: “I don’t think that we’re ever going to react to, honestly, to just pure fan pressure.”


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