There’s no doubt LeBron James looks good in his Porsche 918 Spyder, but there’s a big problem

  • LeBron James was seen driving his Porsche 918 Spyder
  • It’s a seriously cool car, for a seriously talented baller
  • The car has likely been modified for LeBron’s 6″8 frame

Published on May 24, 2024 at 4:26 PM (UTC+4)
by Tom Wood

Last updated on May 25, 2024 at 2:03 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Alessandro Renesis

LeBron James was recently spotted driving around in his incredible Porsche 918 Spyder, but fans have noticed a small problem with it.

OK, so perhaps small isn’t exactly the word for it, but you get what we’re talking about, right?

James – King James, to give him his full title – is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and you can’t really call anything about him small.

The Los Angeles Lakers basketball star has just signed a new contract with his team, and it’s worth a reported $86 million – again, not exactly small.

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Anyway, we digress.

LeBron is one of the most famous dudes out there, so he can’t really go anywhere without drawing attention to himself.

That counts doubly when he’s driving a seriously expensive – and cool, we might add – Porsche.

LeBron is a baller in more than one sense of the word, and he really likes his cars, having amassed quite a collection over the years.

The Porsche 918 Spyder doesn’t exactly encourage discretion, so we have to assume that LeBron knew what he was doing whilst driving out and about in it.

Someone spotted him driving the car, and – of course – they took out their phone and decided to start posting the whole encounter to Instagram.

LeBron didn’t seem too bothered, giving the ‘grammer a ‘hang loose’ sign from the driving seat of the car.

It’s a nice candid moment, which is probably why the video – shared originally by user @e30alex99 – has gone viral.

However, a lot of people have noticed something about this whole scene.

Obviously, LeBron is seriously massive.

He’s 6”8 and therefore would struggle to fit into loads of cars, let alone a nippy little supercar.

It’s almost certain that he will have had the car modified to accommodate his massive frame, but even still it looks like he’s a bit squashed in there.

In his defense, he doesn’t look at all uncomfortable or bothered by the size of his car.

The car is a rare breed, as it’s a hybrid that has two electric motors linked to a V8 engine firing out 887 horsepower.

That’s good enough for 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, and a top speed of 214mph.

Whether that is changed when there’s an NBA superstar in the car or not, we can only speculate.

LeBron’s version seems to have the Weissach package as well, which makes the car lighter and quicker than the ‘ordinary’ Spyder models.

There’s nothing ordinary about those cars, though.

Either way, King James was cruising, surveying his kingdom, and had a mighty chariot to do so from.

Even if he might want the cameras turned off when he has to get out.


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