Billionaire’s yacht has hidden component as you go deeper into its interior

  • The Leona yacht is worth $60 million
  • It has a movie theatre and Versace bathroom
  • There is also a hidden magical grotto on board

Published on Nov 23, 2023 at 5:13 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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Billionaire’s yacht has hidden component as you go deeper into its interior

The Leona yacht is one of the most luxurious vessels on the sea.

But the designers found a way to make it even more grand, with a pretty magical secret component.

Given that one of these costs $60 million that’s really saying something.

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The Leona yacht was launched last year as the second-biggest build Bilgin Yachts has ever completed.

It costs over $60 million and it comes in with its own movie theater, Versace-lined bathroom walls and marble floors throughout.

She is 262 feet long and can host 12 guests comfortably.

Each cabin is lavishly decorated with gold furnishings, fur details, and velvet upholstery.

There is also room for a crew of 24, so each guest can be waited on around the clock.

The bathrooms have gold fittings and are mosaicked from floor to ceiling with Versace motifs.

But what happens when guests tire of the private bars, luxurious movie theater and multiple tanning decks?

The designers at Bilgin Yachts have got them covered.

Nestled below Leona’s deck is an indoor swimming pool that screams opulence.

The walls are embossed with Greek figures, and framed with LED lights.

Each corner and side of the pool has its own fountain, in case the sound of the actual ocean outside isn’t enough for you.

The pool is flanked by four statues, hand carved from marble.

At the back of the room is a curved couch, providing views of both the pool and the sea beyond it.

Because it’s slightly sunken and walled off, this pool room has the feel of a private grotto.

Many commenters online scoffed at the idea of having a pool on board when you’re surrounded by the sea.

“We put some water while you’re in water, so you can swim in the water while you’re in the water,” one said.

The billionaires actually know what they’re doing here though.

It’s not possible to swim in the ocean while the yacht is in motion, so this is perfect for having a dip while on passage.

Others were simply bowled over by the sheer flashiness of the room.

“Thanks for reminding me the tax bracket I’m in,” another commenter said.

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