Michael Jordan earned close to half a million from his superyacht in one genius move

  • Since selling the Charlotte Hornets Michael Jordan has had a lot more free time
  • He’s using it to pursue a new hobby
  • It turns out this hobby can make him a fortune

Published on Nov 22, 2023 at 5:56 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Nov 24, 2023 at 1:30 PM (UTC+4)
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Michael Jordan earned close to half a million from his superyacht in one genius move

As a billionaire, Michael Jordan doesn’t really need to worry about making money.

But it never hurts.

The sporting legend owns multiple flashy assets, one of which is a yacht worth $80 million.

The upkeep of the yacht costs a fortune, but he recently discovered a way to cover those maintenance bills without even leaving the boat.

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As the richest athlete in the world, Michael Jordan has made plenty of extravagant purchases.

His biggest one has to be his boat, a superyacht named ‘Joy’.

The vessel is 230 feet and boasts a jacuzzi, movie theater and even an indoor basketball court.

Luxury like this doesn’t come cheap, and his weekly maintenance bills are eye-watering.

To keep up the five decks and eight private cabins of this superyacht costs $800,000 a week.

While it would take a long time for these bills to burn through Jordan’s $3 billion of wealth, it’s still a hefty sum.

Luckily, he has discovered that one of his hobbies can earn him money while chilling on board.

Since selling the Charlotte Hornets, the basketball star has had a lot more time on his hands.

Jordan has become an avid fisherman, taking part in competitions around the world.

He says he’s learned something from the sport that he couldn’t from basketball: patience.

“I would have never thought I would get on a boat and go fishing,” he said.

“You can’t make it happen; you just got to be ready when it does happen.”

For his fishing trips, he uses one of his smaller yachts, Catch 23, which is worth $8 million.

Recently he and his team participated in the MidAtlantic Tournament where they caught a 75-pound fish

This earned them third place in the competition and a $462,318 prize.

Had they finished first, the team would have taken home $1,4 million.

Not bad for a day at sea on a luxury yacht.


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