Former Apple employee reveals ‘life-changing’ iPhone hack that few people know

His video has had 33.1 million views.

  • An ex-Apple employee has shared little-known iPhone tips on TikTok
  • It’s had 33.1 million views so far
  • They’re easy to follow and make just change your on-screen life

Published on Jan 12, 2024 at 8:47PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 17, 2024 at 9:02PM (UTC+4)

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Former Apple employee reveals 'life-changing' iPhone hack that few people know

You might think you know your smart phone inside out, but an ex-Apple employee has shared some iPhone tips that might just make your screen time a little easier.

With 33.1 million views since the TikTok was posted under two months ago, the viral tips were uploaded by former Apple employee and tech content creator, Tyler Morgan.

Read on and these ‘life-changing’ tips might just surprise you and, unlike some add-ons like this gold iPhone 15 case costs more than a motorcycle, these are completely free.

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It’s time we all got more knowledgeable about how to customize our smartphones, as some new annoying iOS 17 features are irritating users.

Apple has released advice to all users following the controversial update.

First up in Morgan’s video: holding down the camera shutter button to start filming a video – simple but great if a photo opportunity turns into something more.

From there you can simply swipe your thumb up and down to zoom “kind of like TikTok or Snapchat”.

For those who have little hands and a big phone – this next hack might just help you feel a little bit more in control.

“If you’re having a hard time reaching all the way across your phone, you can always use the one-handed keyboard,” Morgan said.

Simply open your WhatsApp or Messages apps, and hold down either the globe or emoji icon (find them in the bottom left corner).

This will open a pop-up window with the option to move the keyboard to the left or right (depending on your dominant hand) or leave it centralized.

Speaking of iPhone keyboards, this physical keyboard for the iPhone could also come in handy.

While you probably already know how to make a screen recording – you might not know this.


After pressing the ‘Screen Recording’ icon on the swipe down menu, below the ‘Start Recording’ button you’ll see a microphone icon.

You know what to do from there.

Rather than searching out your calculator app, Morgan also reveals a quick tip.

You can type a math problem into the search bar to use it as a calculator.

What’s more, while swiping up a list with one finger scrolls, using two fingers to do the same ‘Selects All’.

Morgan also uses the video to demonstrate how to use Haptic Touch – a feature exclusive to later models of the iPhone alongside 3D.

He suggests that it “pretty much eliminates the need to go into the settings menu at all”.

You can use this by swiping down and pressing different options.

It allows you to action practical things like changing the brightness of your torch and setting a timer faster.

But it can also help you connect to Bluetooth tech and switch WiFi networks without venturing into settings.

Last, and certainly not least, is the hack that you’ll wish you knew sooner.

If you accidentally delete something you typed in Notes, WhatsApp or Messages – all is literally not lost.

Simply shake your iPhone and you’ll see an option to ‘Undo Typing’ to retrieve the lost text.

And you don’t need to go into an Apple store to set these up.

“All these settings should be on by default, by the way, you may just have to add a few things to your Control Center – but that’s it,” says Morgan.

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