History Supreme mystery: ‘Most expensive yacht in the world’ costs $4.8b but nobody has seen it

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The History Supreme cruising on calm ocean waters.

The History Supreme is ‘made with 100,000kg of gold and platinum’, has a feature wall made of T-Rex bone and meteorite, and includes a bottle of booze with an 18.5-carat diamond on it.

Well that’s how the story goes.

Oh, and it reportedly costs $4.8 billion.

It’s one of the biggest boating myths going, a concept yacht so impressive that it made world headlines.

But no one has ever seen it and internet sleuths think it never existed.

So here’s the story of the History Supreme.

When you think of the most expensive yacht in the world, a 30m vessel is not what springs to mind.

The floating cities that park off Monaco are upwards of 100m in length. The Azzam is the longest yacht in the world at 179m.

But they’ve got nothing on the extravagance of what’s claimed to be inside History Supreme.

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How did they come up with a $4.8 billion boat?

Let’s start with the 100,000kg of gold and platinum that builder Stuart Hughes’ website claims was used in construction.

Even the hull of the boat is said to be wrapped in a layer of gold.

Inside the yacht you’ll find… more gold.

The creator of the History Supreme, Hughes, says “all features including deck, dining area, rails, anchor, [are] made from precious metals”.

The sleeping quarters have a feature wall “made from meteoric stone with genuine dinosaur bone shaved in from the raptor T-Rex”, Hughes’ website says.

Hughes is known for wrapping objects in gold and diamonds, most famously iPhones.

So this makes sense. But he’s not known as a boat builder. And despite several interviews with news outlets saying it was real, nobody has spotted this beast in the wild.

Who owns the History Supreme?

Similar to the boat itself, it’s a bit of a mystery. We know Stuart Hughes claims to have built the luxury yacht for a Malaysian businessman.

But armchair detectives think they know who that businessman is.

The rumours are it belongs to Robert Kuok, founder of the Shangri-La hotel and resorts chain.

Kuok is the richest person in Malaysia and Forbes estimates his worth at a cool $12.6 billion. But this doesn’t quite add up either. Why would a billionaire spend nearly $5b of his $12b fortune on a boat?

But even more mysterious is where the boat is.

It’s not been sighted at the major ports billionaires tend to hang out at.

And some yachting message boards believe the images are taken from another similar concept yacht.

So what does it all mean?

As a concept, it’s incredible. Is it real? There’s no evidence to say it was built other than the Hughes website saying it took three years to build.



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