This Lazzarini superyacht concept has a sunken pool and a garage for supercars

by | Apr 3, 2022 - 12:00PM | Lifestyle, Superyachts

Lazzarini Sovrano superyacht concept

Italian design house Lazzarini has showcased its fair share of superyacht concepts – and its latest happens to be its biggest yet.

Dubbed Sovrano, meaning ‘sovereign’ in Italian, it’s set to measure in at a whopping 169 metres.

It’s also supposedly set to be the widest yacht in the world, measuring about 33 metres between the platforms either side of its main deck.

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Depending on the eventual customer’s preference when specifying this yacht for production, those two platforms are able to be transformed into anything from helipads as shown in the renders to swimming pools, or even additional lounge spaces.

Only adding to Sovrano’s transformable nature, those platforms are also fitted with electric winches allowing part of them to be lowered to the waterline.

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But its most idyllic feature is a covered atrium towards the front that when opened up reveals a hidden resort with palm trees and a sunken pool that can be enjoyed in all weather thanks to the retractable roof.

Additionally there are other pools located on the deck of the vessel for those who want to enjoy the view.

Making it fit for car lovers, it also sports a giant garage which can store up to six of the owner’s favourite cars from their collection, along with two additional boats measuring about 15 metres.

Given it features 20 private suites with room for up to 50 passengers, along with room for up to 60 crew members, Sovrano is perhaps more akin to a private cruise ship than a traditional private yacht.

However, as with all other elements of the ship, the final design of its living spaces can be customised.

Set to use a combination of steel and carbon fibre composites in its construction, Lazzarini notes that either an electric or hybrid propulsion system could be used, offering a top speed of 31 knots.

It’s unclear how much this mammoth yacht will cost for any prospective owners, but the company claims it will take four years from warehouse to water.


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