Bentley launches world’s most outlandish ski wear

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If you thought driving a Bentley was the height of luxury, imagine hitting the slopes fully kitted out in Bentley-branded ski wear.

The British luxury car brand isn’t known for producing ski gear, but for the 2022/23 winter season, it has partnered with ski equipment maker, Bomber to create some extremely fancy ski wear.

Known as Bomber for Bentley ICE Edition, the skis come with 3D diamond emblems and the helmet sprays scented air to keep it smelling fresh.

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These are far from your run-of-the-mill skis.

Made exclusively from the “finest materials”, they are presented in a highly polished finish, with six silver-plated 3D diamond emblems made of brass-polished nickel to really stand out.

What’s more, just 200 pairs of ICE Edition skis will be produced.


To complete the winter look is a set of poles and the fragrance-emitting helmet.

The Bentley-branded lightweight helmet is designed for speed, safety, and of course, style.

Bentley ski helmet
Bentley Motors

Made of ultra-lightweight materials and soft, durable eco-leather, the carbon fiber helmet is crafted by hand.

With an integrated and removable photochromic visor, the helmet even features an exclusive removable hygienic fragrance release system to keep it, and you, fresh all season long.

Meanwhile, the poles are made from ultra-lightweight carbon and aluminum, with grips that are finished with soft eco-leather for supreme comfort.

If the ICE Edition skis and accessories don’t tickle your fancy, the Bomber for Bentley collection includes two more equally exclusive editions

The Black Diamond in glossy finish is limited to 200 pairs, and the Centenary Edition – limited to 100 pairs – features 24-karat gold-plated diamond-shaped emblems.

Bentley skis price

Whichever you choose, you will have to be an avid skier to get your money’s worth, as the Black Diamond and ICE Edition Skis are priced at $2750, with the helmet coming in at $995 and the poles $275.


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