Inside the world’s first luxury $610k helicopter

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Front of the Hill Helicopters HX50

While getting around in a helicopter is already a massive flex, this luxury helicopter is next level.

If you’re in the market for a helicopter and what’s on the market just doesn’t cut it, then we’ve got good news.

Made by Hill Helicopters, the world’s first luxury helicopter, the HX50, is here.

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While the name isn’t exactly catchy, you won’t care when you step foot inside it.

The HX50 has smooth exterior styling with massive windows offering incredible panoramic views.

While the exterior is already incredibly lux, it can be customized for each buyer.

It comes in seven different colors, including white, red, orange, green, blue and black – each metallic with chrome finishes.

But it’s the Nappa leather and Alcantara-lined interior that makes it a class above the rest.

This luxury helicopter offers seating for five including the pilot, who is treated to cutting-edge cockpit displays.


Passengers are well catered for as well, with climate control and Bluetooth connectivity so passengers aren’t left wanting for anything.

There’s even an iPad in the middle of the dash for passengers to view flight data.

It’ll get you where you need to be decently quickly as well, with its turboshaft engine offering up to 500hp.

That’s enough for a top speed of 140 knots (259km/h; 161mph).

It’s also designed to be as efficient as possible.

But given its fuel consumption figure of 35 gallons per hour, we’re not so sure about that claim.

If you’re after your own, it comes priced from $610,000 (£495,000).

The order book is currently open ahead of production starting in 2023.

Whether you’re a serious buyer or not, you can configure one now on the Hill Helicopters website.



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