This monster electric 4×4 is gunning for the Tesla Cybertruck

The Mahindra Thar.e looks like a Jeep Wrangler but it's gunning for the Tesla Cybertruck, and it's ready to do that with a VW powertrain.

by | Published on 18th Aug 2023

This is the new Mahindra Thar.e, a rugged off-roader concept that looks like the mutt child of a Jeep Wrangler and a Ford Bronco.

More importantly, it’s gunning for the Tesla Cybertruck.

Now that part should be easy enough, since the Cybertruck isn’t even here yet.

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Let’s start with the name because it’s quite catchy.

They call it the Thar.e because it’s based on the Thar, an existing model, and it’s electric, hence the ‘E’.

Also, it’s made by Mahindra’s Electric Automobiles branch.

The Indian automaker calls this subsidiary, and we’re not making it up, the MEAL.

Mind you, if you can gloss over the funky name, the Mahindra Thar.e packs a serious punch.

First and foremost, it’s built using Volkswagen’s MEB platform as a base.

In addition to the chassis and underpinnings, the German giant will also supply the powertrain.

And that means that underneath the boxy body, this is the same as a VW ID.7 or an ID.3.

The battery pack will be provided by BYD, the largest EV manufacturers in the world.

Yes, believe it or not BYD sells more cars (and more batteries) than even Tesla.

Mahindra is working on two separate versions for this truck.

One is a luxury SUV designed for the city and some light off-roading, while the other is a proper, bona fide 4×4 for when the going gets tough.

The former is expected to debut in 2025, while the latter is scheduled for 2026.

The price hasn’t been revealed yet but the Mahindra Thar, the gas version, starts at around $14,000.

The electric model will undoubtedly be more expensive than that, but we still expect it to be significantly cheaper than the Jeep Wrangler.



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