The first-ever Ford Mustang GTD is here and it’s the most aggressive ‘Stang ever made

Published on Aug 18, 2023 at 4:30 AM (UTC+4)
by Adam Gray

Last updated on Aug 24, 2023 at 1:40 PM (UTC+4)
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The first-ever Ford Mustang GTD is here and it’s the most aggressive ‘Stang ever made

A new pony has been let out of the stable at Monterey Car Week.

That’s right, the all-new Ford Mustang GTD has just been unveiled in California.

And although it resembles a ‘Stang, it’s far from anything we’ve ever seen before.

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According to the American carmaker, the Ford Mustang GTD is “the most audacious and advanced Mustang ever”.

Not only that, but they claim it’s “engineered to go like hell” and “ready to take on the world’s best performance cars”.

Sounds like fighting talk.

So, what’s the first-ever Ford Mustang GTD all about?

Well, it’s a limited-edition, street legal performance car that’s been designed in parallel with the Mustang GT3 race car.

To put it quite plainly, it’s built to be the quickest roadgoing Mustang ever.

And it’s not hard to see how that’s been achieved, with every line of the Ford Mustang GTD driving aerodynamic performance at track speed.


Its design includes extensive use of carbon fiber body panels to reduce weight, lower center of gravity, and improve responsiveness.

The fenders, hood, trunk cover, door sills, front splitter, rear diffuser and roof are all carbon fiber, with carbon fiber front and rear fascias, too.

There’s also an aero package available, which includes a carbon fiber underbody aerodynamic tray like those used in motorsports racing.

Ford Mustang GTD power and performance

Now for the all-important bit – what powers the Ford Mustang GTD.

Under the hood is a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 with dual air inlets and a unique dry-sump oil system.

This system is the first fitted to a roadgoing Mustang, keeping the engine lubricated during sustained and demanding cornering.

Revving to more than 7,500 rpm redline, the engine can generate “exceptional notes” through the titanium active value system.

With an estimated 800 bhp, the Mustang GTD is the highest horsepower street-legal Mustang ever developed by Ford.


Step inside the cockpit of the Ford Mustang GTD and you’ll find it’s finished in premium materials like Miko suede with leather and carbon fiber.

You’ll also notice there’s no rear seating area, as it’s been removed to reduce weight and cargo space.

Up front there’s a pair of body-hugging Recaro seats and white digital displays that remind you you’re in a race-inspired car.

What’s super cool, though, are the 3D-printed titanium paddle shifters, rotary dial shifter and serial plate, all made from retired Lockheed Martin F-22 titanium parts.

If customization is your thing, the Mustang GTD will be available with multiple interior color combinations and in several option packages that take the exterior to another level.

What’s more, the car will be available to order in any color, even color-matched to a customer-provided sample.

Ford Mustang GTD price and availability

Production of the Ford Mustang GTD will be limited, and pricing is expected to begin around the $300,000 mark.

According to the carmaker, the Mustang GTD will be available in late 2024, early 2025.

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