Man buys an entire skyscraper with his credit card

Jonathan Wener, Canadian investor and billionaire, once bought a $65m skyscraper on a credit card - we want this kind of credit limit.

by | Published on 16th May 2023

A 71-year-old investor bought an entire skyscraper – yep, the whole building – with his credit card.

We want this kind of credit limit, too.

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In a recent interview with Big Shot, a YouTube channel with a focus on investing and finance, Canadian billionaire Jonathan Wener told the story of ‘that one time’ he bought an entire building on a credit card.

It all started in 1975, when Wener used a $10,000 loan (around $56k in today’s money) to launch his real estate business Canderel.

The company is still active, by the way.

Through the years, Wener managed to turn that $10k investment into a multi-billion dollar business.

At one point, he decided it would make sense to buy the building where the Royal Trust Credit Card company was based.

The ‘bill’ for the Royal Trust building, located in Montreal, came to a cool $65 million.

Wener, as you do, decided the best way to settle the bill was to use a gold credit card from Royal Trust.

This decision, according to Wener, actually gave him a two percent discount.

“I’d signed [the bill] and [asked my business adviser] to call [the bank] for authorization,” Wener told Big Shot.

Wener further explained how he got a two percent discount on his multi-million dollar purchase.

“They sent me my bill yesterday, and I paid it, and I brought it up to date – that means I won’t get another bill for 30 days [and] that’s worth one percent,” Wener said.

So where did the other one percent come from? Well, good old cashback-style discount on his card.

“On a Gold Royal Trust credit card you get a one percent discount,” he said. “That’s $1.3 million [in total].”

Not a bad deal, is it?

And now we’re wondering if there’s a Guinness World Record for the most expensive credit card purchase ever.



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