This spectacular 350-foot yacht is a mansion on the water

From the infinity pool on the stern to the lounge bar on the aft deck, the 1.61 London is a mansion on the water designed to look better than 5-star hotels.

by | Published on 9th May 2023

This is the 1.61 London, an outrageous 350-foot yacht designed to look and feel like a mansion on the water.

Its sleek and slender hull hides interior that makes some 5-star hotels look boring.

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Named after the company that penned it, 1.61 London, the yacht prioritizes design over everything.

It’s an interesting new spin on a formula that we’ve seen several times before.

Other yacht designers prioritize size, luxury and gadgets, and the fact that the yacht looks nice is a also by-product of the engineering and design process.

By contrast, when it comes the 1.61, every element of the yacht is designed with a function follows form principle – not the other way around.

The stern features an infinity pool, a beach club, he and a jacuzzi.

It even has a retractable 200-inch curved screen you can watch directly from the pool.

In addition to that, you’ve got direct access to the cabins.

The aft deck is entirely dedicated to a lounge bar that looks like it belongs to Dubai’s Burj Al Arab or Monaco’s Hermitage Hotel.

It combines art deco design with a lot of gold- and bronze-tone elements and decorations, such as the striking statue on the deck.

Aside from the aforementioned lounge bar on the aft deck, the yacht also has other dining and bar areas inside, as well as a casino.

Inside, on the lower deck, you’ll also find seven bedroom suites, with en-suite bathrooms, par for the course.

To top it all off, the 1.61 London features a helipad, located on the bow.

The bad news is the 1.61 London is just a prototype at this stage but, on the upside, it would be made should a potential customer come forward.

By definition, superyachts are almost always built on commission so it’s fair to assume any prospective buyer would want to customize it further.

Price-wise, we’re looking at at least nine figures.

Yachts of this size generally costs in excess of $200 million – and charter for $2 million (or more) a week.



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