Mechanics just lifted the hood of this car to find an 8-foot boa constrictor

The mechanic thought it had to be fake. 'So I poked it and it moved, and I was like, oh yeah that’s alive.'

Published on Sep 27, 2023 at 6:44PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Sep 27, 2023 at 6:44PM (UTC+4)

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Boa constrictor found in engine bay

Mechanics just got the surprise of their life when they lifted the hood of this car to find an eight-foot boa constrictor.

When the Ford Focus was driven to the shop for a regular service, mechanics took it for a test drive.

It wasn’t until they got back to the shop and lifted the hood that they discovered their new albino friend.

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At first, mechanic Tony Galli said he didn’t know what he was looking at.

“I didn’t really jump back because I didn’t know what it was, it looked like it was fake,” he said.

“So I poked it and it moved, and I was like, oh yeah that’s alive.”

In his almost 30 years on the job, the mechanic said he’d never seen anything like it.

Not knowing what to do about the giant boa constrictor in the car’s engine bay, the guys at Beach Automotive Group in Myrtle Beach South Carolina called in the professionals.

That’s where snake catcher Russell Cavender comes in.

When he first saw the giant snake, Cavender admitted it was “really something that you do not see every day”.

And besides looking a bit malnourished, he said the snake appeared to be in good condition.

He said it had likely escaped a loving home and committed to fostering it while he looked for its owners.

Since the story was first posted by local media in South Carolina, dozens of people have already offered to adopt the boa constrictor.

So, if the owner isn’t found in time, the reptile won’t be short of loving homes that are hopefully more comfortable than the engine bay it sought refuge in.

Oh, and as for the owner of the Ford Focus, they had no idea what was hiding in their engine bay, or how long it might have been there for.

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