Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR shocks road-goers as it takes to the streets in LA

With its illuminated wheels and glowing bionic flaps, the AVTR’s presence was hard to miss. 

by | Published on 16th Dec 2022

The incredible Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is turning heads in Los Angeles. 

The concept car took to the streets of LA, including the famous Hollywood Boulevard, this week to celebrate the world premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water

With its illuminated wheels and glowing interior, the AVTR’s presence was hard to miss. 

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If that wasn’t enough to cause a stir, the concept was also flanked by a convoy of electric cars including the Mercedes EQS. 

Mercedes first created the concept to celebrate the original Avatar movie, hence why it’s called the AVTR.


Not only does the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR look like something out of the movie, with glowing lights just like the Tree of Souls, it was also designed to respond to a flow of energy from its passengers. 

When a passenger puts their hand on the center console joystick, the AVTR responds by matching that energy with digital neurons that flow through the grille, wheels, and rear of the car. 

What does that mean exactly? 

Well, lights and speakers actually match the driver’s heartbeat, softly thumping in the background. 

So, as soon as you get in, the car becomes an extension of your body, similar to the way humans use avatars in the movie.

Mercedes also wanted to lift the boundary between vehicle and living being. 

That’s where the crazy-looking bionic flaps come in. 

The 33 bionic flaps look like little scales on the rear of the car. 

When the concept car moves, they move with it. Turn left and they angle left as well. 

They go red when you brake and as you speed off they change to blue. 

The whole car looks alive all because of these dragon-like scales.

What does AVTR mean?

Mercedes called it AVTR for two reasons.

Firstly, the inspiration for the car is the James Cameron movie Avatar (AVTR).

The car is designed to look like the seeds from the Tree of Souls.

You can see similar shapes and colors in the film.

The second reason for the name is it stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation (AVTR).

Avatar: The Way of Water

To celebrate the first Avatar movie, Mercedes gave us one of the coolest concept cars to ever grace the industry. 

Now the second Avatar movie is about to be released, it has us holding our breath for something just as incredible from the German marque.

Mercedes actually shared its very own teaser video for the movie, saying “we are excited to collaborate with the much-anticipated sequel”. 

So, the brand’s not giving much away, but that has us thinking it might just unveil another epic concept to celebrate The Way of Water.




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