Mercedes AVTR: The coolest concept car ever made

by | May 29, 2022 - 9:09AM | Car Reviews, Cars, Supercars

The Mercedes AVTR is pictured.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is the coolest car we have ever seen.

And it’s real.

This is not like the movies where some crazy car body is whacked onto a regular car frame.

This is a one-of-one concept that Supercar Blondie’s Sergi Galiano got to drive in the deserts of Dubai.

The Mercedes AVTR wheels

Calling them wheels is a bit misleading. These are basically spheres.

That means the concept car can move in a way no other car in the world can.

Each wheel can turn about 30 degrees, and they all can move independently from each other.

Say goodbye to reverse parking, with these spheres you can crabwalk into an empty car park.

Or strafe in like you are playing Call of Duty.

There’s more to the wheels than the shape.

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They glow with tiny little lights and change color depending on what’s happening.

If you are charging the car they flow inwards like pure energy.

If you are making a turn they flash like indicators.

The ‘Bionic Flaps’ on the rear of the AVTR

The bionic flaps turn red when you brake.

The next thing that strikes you when you look at the Mercedes concept is the little shiny scales on the rear.

They are called Bionic Flaps and there are 33 of them.

When the car moves, they move with it. Turn left and they angle left as well.

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They go red when you brake and as you speed off they change to blue.

The whole car looks alive all because of these dragon-like scales.

What’s the inside look like?

Let’s start with how you get into the AVTR – the all-glass door shaped like an insect wing.

There’s no door handle, you press your finger to a scanner that is hidden underneath the wheel arch.

Then the curved doors swing upwards.

Inside is like a spaceship with long curved lines and stark white colors.

The seats are vegan leather and the panelling is wood from an invasive species of plant.

There’s no steering wheel either, it’s a joystick in the center console that controls everything.

When you turn the car on the whole dashboard lights up with a scene from the mountains of Avatar.

The car speakers match the driver’s heartbeat, softly thumping in the background.

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What does AVTR mean?

Mercedes called it AVTR for two reasons.

Firstly, the inspiration for the car is the James Cameron movie Avatar (AVTR).

The car is designed to look like the seeds from the Tree of Souls.

IMAGE: Avatar

You can see similar shapes and colors in the film.

The second reason for the name is it stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation (AVTR).

Oh, and BTW, Avatar: The Way of Water is coming out in December 2022!



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