Mercedes-Benz reveals its stunning one-of-one Vision One-Eleven 

Remember the iconic Mercedes C111 from the '70s? Now Mercedes has reimagined it and the result is absolutely bonkers.

by | Published on 15th Jun 2023

Remember the iconic Mercedes C 111 from the 1970s? 

Now Mercedes has reimagined it and the result is bonkers. 

Feast your eyes on the Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven, a concept sports car that looks (and sounds) like a spaceship.

You can watch the full vid here!

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Speaking to Supercar Blondie’s Tuesday Le Roux, Mercedes Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener said he took the DNA and radical proportions of the C 111 and simplified them. 

“Proportion is everything in design, and we simplified it with just One-Bow and these fantastic wheel arches here,” he said. 

The design might be simplified, but it still packs a powerful punch.

Vision One-Eleven exterior design 

The electric concept wears a deep orange paint tinged with a hint of copper and the color changes depending on how the light hits it. 

And just like its namesake, the Vision One-Eleven was given statement gull-wing doors that sound like a spaceship when they’re opened. 

You can’t ignore the gorgeous wheels either. 

The wheels fit seamlessly into the arches and sit beneath massive flared wings.

At the bottom of the car, the concept has striking matte black skirts. 

With these, the designers wanted to make the car look as if it fused with the road beneath it. 

At both the front and back, the Vision One-Eleven has a huge pixelated display that runs the width of the car. 

With this, you can actually communicate messages to other road users.


This is the first sports car with a ‘lounge’ concept interior. 

But the concept truly comes to life in race mode. 

When you switch from lounge to race mode, your backrest tilts upright, and the interior becomes a minimalist driving machine. 

The white and bright orange interior is complimented by bright silver seats that pay homage to the ‘70s, when the C 111 first came into the world.

And of course, the concept comes with its very own weekender bag in silver, orange, and black. 

Mercedes will actually be making 111 of these bags – and they’ll be much easier to get your hands on than the concept car itself.

And because we’re in 2023, Mercedes has incorporated augmented reality. 

As soon as you put on the ‘Magic Leap 2’ augmented reality headset, you’ll see elements projected all around you, including maps and any hidden hazards. 



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