Mercedes-Maybach releases a limited-edition series Haute Voiture

The poshest S-Class money can buy, and only 150 models will be produced.

by | Published on 13th Dec 2022

When you thought Maybach couldn’t get any more exclusive, it smashes it out of the park with its latest limited edition model.

This is the 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture and it’s a thing of beauty.

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Let’s start with the name – Haute Voiture.

Literally translated from French, haute – from the likes of haute couture – translates to ‘high’, and voiture means ‘car’.

So it’s a ‘high car’.


The ultimate luxury

The German luxury car brand has transformed the Mercedes-Maybach S 680 into a piece of curated fashion.

The exterior features a two-tone paint job – nautical blue on top with rose gold on the lower section.

Completing the look, the wheels are painted in the same blue as the top section of the car.

When you step inside the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture, you’re greeted with the same two-tone influence.

Maximum luxury and exquisite fabrics are on the menu here, including blue and gold bouclé – a yarn made of looped fibers.

The interior is wrapped in crystal white leather, while the floors mat are made of linen and mohair – a fiber made from the hairs of the Angora goat.

The rear seat console houses rose gold-colored champagne flutes, too.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Haute Voiture doesn’t just feature any old infotainment.

Of course not – it features an updated version of the MBUX infotainment system.

Upon entering, you’re greeted with sparkling glitter clouds and accents in shimmering rose gold.

There are even 12 avatars in the profile selection menu dressed in their Sunday best, wearing dinner jackets, tailcoats, and evening gowns.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Voiture special touches

Owners are gifted a hand-made gift box with the car’s badge number, a scaled model, and unique key ring.

They even get a special car cover featuring the Maybach and Haute Voiture logo to protect the exterior of the vehicle.

As if that’s not fancy enough, customers can even purchase a limited run of bags that match the vehicle’s interior design and detailed craftsmanship.

Mercedes-Maybach will produce just 150 of the elegantly appointed luxury sedans.

Although the German automaker hasn’t revealed a price, the standard Mercedes-Maybach S 680 retails at $229,000, so we expect the limited-edition series Haute Voiture to be significantly more.



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