This Mercedes Vision AVTR built from wood has real bionic flaps

It was built using discarded scrap metal and wood.

by | Published on 9th Nov 2022

A Vietnamese dad has recreated the one-off Mercedes Vision AVTR using wood. 

Dao Truong Van built the concept car using discarded scrap metal and wood he found near his small Vietnamese village. 

And if that’s not impressive enough, he built it from scratch in just 100 days.

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The build

In the video, Mr Dao shows the build process from start to finish.

First, he builds the frame of the car using scrap metal and paints it black. 


Then he makes a rough body using timber. 

Once the body’s laid, he uses a chainsaw to perfect the shape. 

This is when the homemade Mercedes Vision AVTR really starts to take shape.

Mr Dao then cuts 33 holes into the rear hood to resemble the AVTR’s ‘bionic flaps’. 

The AVTR’s bionic flaps are unlike anything ever seen before – they look like little scales and move with the direction of the car. 

They go red when you brake and change to blue as you start to drive.

While Mr Dao’s flaps might not move with the car, he’s created them to be 3D meaning they pop out and reveal colored lighting beneath.

He then varnishes the wood and adds a grille with flashing LED lights. 

Even the wheels are fitted with color-changing LED lights to reflect the crazy wheels on the AVTR.

Speaking of which, the real AVTR wheels are epic. 

They’re built with tiny lights that glow different colors depending on whether you’re charging the car or driving it.

The interior is also made almost entirely out of wood including the seats and flooring. 

Unlike the real thing which is controlled with a joystick in the center console, the wood version has a steering wheel. 

Once he fits the batteries and electrical wiring, Mr Dao adds Mercedes badging and is ready to take it for a spin. 

The car is made using all recycled and discarded materials, just like the real Vision AVTR which was created using old clothing, flags, and recycled plastic bottles.

What does AVTR mean?

Mercedes called it AVTR for two reasons.

Firstly, the inspiration for the car is the James Cameron movie Avatar (AVTR).

The car is designed to look like the seeds from the Tree of Souls.

You can see similar shapes and colors in the film.

The second reason for the name is it stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation (AVTR).



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